• Ms. Acc. 572



    Collection of Elegies for Deceased Rabbis and Dayanim of Modena

    Manuscript ID:
    Ms. Acc. 572

    Modena, Italy


    ink on paper; 36 leaves, between 30.8 x 20.7 and 40.8 x 29.8 cm.; Italian cursive Hebrew script

    Miscellaneous; Poetry

    English Text:

    (a) an elegy for Rabbi Judah Matsliah Padua (d. 1725) by Giuseppe Judah Vintura;
    (b) an elegy for Rabbi Abraham Yedidiah Basilea (who was rabbi of Turin and Modena, and
    who corrected the Mantua edition of the Shulhan Arukh in 1722-23) by his nephew;
    (c) three elegies for the dayan Menahem Ezra Padua, the first of which was written by Samuel
    Judah Matsliah, and the second of which is dated 1774;
    (d) four elegies for Rabbi Abraham Hay Graziano (or Graziani) (d. 1761) by (respectively)
    Ephraim Yehiel, Matityahu ben Solomon Paduani, Moses Hayim ben Isaac Lattes, and Solomon
    Yedidiah ben Abraham Hay Sinigaglia;
    (e) ten elegies for the dayan Menasseh Joshua Padua (d. 1767) by (respectively) Ephraim ben
    Joseph Gallico; Jacob Shalom Lipschitz; Yehiel Foa; Joshua Segre; Mazal Tov ben Samuel
    Jacob Modena; Shn.Y.; Solomon Yedidiah ben Abraham Hay Sinigaglia; three anonymous;
    (f) three elegies for the dayan Rabbi Joseph Gallico (d. 1776) by Moses Israel ben Abraham
    (g) an elegy for Rabbi Jacob Hayim Uriel ibn Yahya of Modena (d. 1789) by Yehiel ben David
    (h) elegies for Rabbi Ishmael ha-Kohen (d. 1811) by David Zacut ben Mazal Tov Modena, a
    preacher in that city, with his autograph on the verso of the final leaf;
    (i) seven elegies for the dayan Mazal Tov Modena (d. 1829) by Abraham Castel Bolognesi;
    Hayim Shalom ha-Kohen; and five anonymous.

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