• Scrolls 5 (VIII.3)


    Esther Scroll

    Esther Scroll

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    Scrolls 5 (VIII.3)


    March 15th 1669 (Adar Sheni 12th 5429)

    Hand-painted border Scribe: Mordecai Pinto (מרדכי פינטו) Ink and gouache on parchment, 5 membranes (+ short piece of parchment that joins the scroll with roller), 21 text columns, 20 lines per column + benediction sheet 400 × 3660 mm (15.8 × 144.1 in.) + 550 × 405 (21.7 × 15.9 in.) Wooden roller, 580 mm (22.8 in.)

    This lavishly decorated scroll opens with a coat of arms panel containing elaborate floral decoration and at center, two rampant lions flanking a cartouche. The cartouche encompasses a rooster holding a twig in its beak (presumably the heraldic device of the Pinto family). Similar floral decoration ornaments the spaces between the text panels. The columns of text are enframed within arcades.  Each text column is topped with a flower-filled urn.

    A separate benediction sheet is decorated in the same style of the scroll. The text is written within an arcades. On both sides, are panels containing a rooster accompanied by flowers, in the upper part, and in lower part, vases with flowers flanked by two birds.  A long scribal colophon penned by Mordechai Pinto is written on the body of the vases.  Two lions and floral decoration fill the lower border.

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