• Scrolls 24 (VI.1)


    Esther Scroll

    Esther Scroll

    Manuscript ID:
    Scrolls 24 (VI.1)


    Ca. 1740

    Hand-drawn and painted border; unsigned but bears close relationship to the work of Aryeh Leib son of Daniel of Goray (Goraj, Poland) (אריה ליב בן דניאל מגורייא) Ink on parchment, 4 membranes, 15 text columns, 23 lines per column 100 × 2097 mm (3.9 × 82.6 in.) Wooden roller, 285 mm (11.2 in.)

    Hand drawn illustrations in dark brown ink using the spare ground technique. The upper margin filled with narrow band comprising vines and floral motifs. Rectangular text panels enclosed in frames are separated by the figures of the Esther scroll’s protagonists showed against dark brown background, placed under arches.  The figures are identified by their names written in Hebrew semi-cursive script above the image: they are: Ahasuerus, Vashti, Mordecai, Esther, Zeresh, Bigthan, Teresh, Hegai, Shashgas, Hatach, Zethar, Carcas. In three places the artist has substituted the narrative scenes instead the figures and identifies them in the same manner as above; they are:

    1. Chamberlains, Bigthan and Teresh, hanging together on the gallows (2:23).
    2. Haman hanging on the gallows (7:10).
    3. Haman’s sons hanging on the four-level gallows (9:14).

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